Printing 40 cm Models in Less Than 6 Hours With God Finger

Printing 40 cm Models in Less Than 6 Hours With God Finger

Learn how 3D printing creates opportunities for new product development with fast printing resin for rapid prototyping.

In the past few years, 3D printing has continuously revolutionized the world by opening new doors of opportunities to thousands of businesses around the globe, including many engineers and companies working on developing new machinery and technologies.

Previously, the designs and shapes for these machine parts could only be analyzed through digital 3D modeling and 2D pictures, as creating a real-life prototype would be extremely costly.

Large size model prototype printed fast with Speed Resin

Each modification took a lot of time and effort to work on, from molding production to testing, which resulted in high production costs. For this reason, 3D printing introduces a quick, reliable, and cost-friendly solution to this issue. It offers rapid prototyping is possible, and making adjustments in your design will no longer cost a fortune.

To make 3D printing prototyping even more effective, 3D printing companies are developing resin specifically for high-speed printing. It might not be as detailed as your standard model resin, as it was optimized for a slightly thicker layer height. Still, for larger models and product prototyping purposes, it'll significantly reduce printing time.

Phrozen Speed Resin

Recognizing the need for high-speed printing resin in the industry, we've launched our own Speed Resin.

The Phrozen Speed Resin is formulated to achieve high speed and can complete a 24 cm tall model in less than 6 hours, up to 8 times faster than standard resins. In addition, models printed with Speed Resin aren't brittle, so they can manage some handling.

Other than product prototyping, the Speed Resin is also great for printing other large models, such as cosplay props or large architectural models.

God Finger Thoughts on Speed Resin

Attracted by its fast printing properties, God Finger decided to try this resin on his Sonic Mega 8K 3D printer to print big wheels and parts for his new Gundam models.

Big models printed with Phrozen Speed Resin

Although the details couldn't compare with the Aqua-Gray 8K or even Aqua-Gray 4K, the speed is really beneficial for him, especially when working on tight deadlines and he needs to print parts quickly. He likes how printing with the resin is so easy, and the speed is not just a gimmick. As a matter of fact, he managed to print a full Sonic Mega 8K's print volume height in just five and a half hours and was very satisfied with the results.

Want to see everything God Fingerprinted with the Speed Resin? Watch below!

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