Introducing the Sonic Mighty Revo

Skip the Hassle, Say Bye-Bye to the Manual

Experience the most reliably accurate detection system with our patented 3-point piezoelectric sensor. 

  • Smart Residue Detection

  • Smart Failure Detection

  • 24/7 Mobile Connection

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Sonic Mighty Revo pre-order bundle with free shipping is only available for selected countries/regions: US, JP, HK, SG, MO, DE, FR, IT, ES, PL, CZ, UK, and AU. You can get the Sonic Mighty Revo Hyperfine Pack with 2 free Hyperfine resin, free shipping, and 15% OFF the add-on option. If your countries are not listed, please check our reseller's page.

Global Store

Available for JP, HK, SG, MO, AU and UK customers.

US Store

Available for US customers.

EU Store

Available for DE, FR, IT, ES, PL and CZ customers.

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