Booster Pack: Sonic Mini 4K

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The bundle includes:

1. Phrozen LCD (6.1"/Mono) X2
2. Phrozen Aqua 8K Resin X5
3. Resin VAT-6.1" X1
4. Build Plate-Sonic Mini 4K X1
5. Phrozen PFA-A4 X2
6. LCD Frame Tape-6.1" X1
7. Free Value Shipping* or $99.99 shipping discount for others.

*Selected counties only.

Lead time: 2 weeks

 Phrozen’s new Aqua-Gray 8K resin is designed to showcase 3D models in high resolution and works best with the Sonic Mini 8K 3D Printer. With its special formula, Aqua-Gray 8K creates high-quality & extremely intricate 3D models with 8K resolution.

  • 【Low Shrinkage & High Precision】Phrozen Aqua Resins are developed for low shrinkage and high precision printing. Their low warpage & dimensional stability are especially good for precise parts.
  • 【Low Viscosity & Low Odor】Phrozen Aqua Resins are easy to print and are easily post-processed due to their low viscosity. Meanwhile, their low odor will not make your place smell. 
  • 【Wide Application】Printed parts are tough and resilient. Phrozen ABS-like Resins make them a perfect match not only for painted models but also for industrial applications.

    • Weight: 1kg per bottle
    • Density: 1.1 g/cm3
    • Viscosity: 280-380 cps
    • Surface Hardness: 85 Shore D 
    • UTS: 47 MPa
    • Tensile modulus: 2256 MPa
    • Elongation at Break, EAB: 23 %
    • Flexural strength: 54 MPa
    • Flexural modulus: 1551 MPa
    • Izod notched impact strength: 9.63 J/m
    • HDT @0.45MPa: 77 ℃

      *All specifications have been tested in a laboratory. Please note that certain specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.
          • Make sure to preserve resin at room temperature. Store in dark and ventilated conditions. 
          • After printing, please keep used resins in a closed & opaque bottle. Avoid mixing used resin with new resin.
          • Keep resin away from kids and away from direct sunlight exposure.
          • Wear gloves and masks when using resins. If this chemical contacts the skin or eye, wash with plenty of water.
          • DO NOT dump resin. Please cure it and treat it as general plastic garbage.

            Shipping & Tariff
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            • Phrozen currently only provides shipment services with FedEx and UPS.
            • The purchase price does not include tariffs and shipping costs. Please note that we WILL NOT be providing a refund if a customer refuses to collect (or returns) their product(s) due to customs fees/duties and/or other related costs.
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