Phrozen has partnered with Revopoint, a leading company in 3D scanner technology, to help you perfectly replicate any object at any desired size using our 3D printers and resins.

Streamlined 3D Scanning & Printing Process

Using Revopoint 3D scanners to quickly and easily capture the shape of any object and convert it into a highly precise digital 3D model with ease.

Phrozen 3D printers enable you to create highly accurate replicas of any scanned file, ensuring that every detail is printed perfectly.

From small to large, scan anything you see

POP 2 is designed with invisible infrared light to safely capture the details of human and animal faces without irritating their eyes.

Scan humans and objects, indoors and outdoors, and print them with Phrozen 3D printers for various industries and applications needs.

See your model instantly turn into the scan data. The Revopoint RANGE's infrared structured light projector offers a scanning speed of 12-18 FPS, allowing you to obtain a full-body scan in under two minutes.**

Capture and measure the exact dimensions of even the most complicated geometric surfaces. You no longer need to spend countless hours to get custom pieces that fit. Perfect for car modeling or constructing customized parts.

Free Shipping Bundles

Each bundle includes one of POP 2 / RANGE PREMIUM PACKAGE.

Limited quantities, buy now to get free shipping.

Sonic Mighty 8K + POP 2 bundle
Sonic Mighty 8K + POP 2 bundle

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Aqua-Gray 8K + POP 2 bundle
Aqua-Gray 8K + POP 2 bundle

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Sonic Mighty 8K + RANGE bundle
Sonic Mighty 8K + RANGE bundle

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Aqua-Gray 8K + RANGE bundle
Aqua-Gray 8K + RANGE bundle

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*These bundles are only available for US/UK/FR/DE/ES/IT/CA/SG/ID/HK/NL/BE/JP/KR. Excluding 5 inhabited Territories of the United States and Minor Outlying Islands (US), Overseas France (FR), Catania and Cagliari (IT), and Balears Province (ES).
*Lead time: 1-2 weeks.

*Limited quantities. Only available while supplies last.
*Phrozen reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these campaigns at any time.
*Please be responsible with what you create and respect the intellectual property of others and give credit to designers and creators when applicable. Phrozen is not responsible for any product made with the use of Revopoint and Phrozen's products.

**For people with previous experience in 3D scanning.