The Phrozen Verified Edge: Unlock a World of Exclusive Benefits on PIXUP

Boost Your Earnings and Exposure

Unlock unparalleled exposure with guaranteed showcases to Phrozen’s vast network of over 10,000 potential buyers, significantly boosting your visibility and sales. Enjoy a premium 5% higher pricing margin compared to standard models, increasing your income effortlessly.

Free Pre-Supported Files

Say goodbye to setup hassles! We’re the only platform offering complimentary 3D file support services, saving you time and money while ensuring your models are ready for immediate use by consumers.

Focus on Creativity, We Handle the Rest

Upload your designs and apply for Phrozen Verified status. Our dedicated team manages all operational aspects, allowing you to concentrate on creating extraordinary designs.

Still not sure yet? Here’s what other Phrozen Verified Creators have to say:

Black Forge Games

A Storytelling 3D Sculpting Team

"We design more than high-quality 3D printed characters, we forge stories! From the beginning, Phrozen has always been at the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking new ways to enhance our experience in the 3D printing world. With PIXUP, it's no different! Pixup offers a seamless way to find our models and print them effortlessly, making the experience extraordinary for everyone. It truly delivers what the 3D printing world deserves!"


Tabletop Wargaming Designer

"I've had an amazing experience with Phrozen and Pixup3d. Since the moment they contacted me about joining Pixup3d, they have been extremely understanding and responsive to my needs as a creator... Phrozen went above and beyond to make sure that I could access their platform... The Phrozen verified service has also been an amazing resource making my models more accessible to all 3-D printing hobbyists."

How is it different from general creator?

Fast-track Your Earnings: Apply, Review, Sell Your 3D Models!

Start earning quickly and easily: Complete our streamlined application, where industry experts meticulously review each submission for quality within 14 days. 

Once approved, begin uploading and selling your 3D models to start making money.


A PIXUP Creator is a talented designer who uploads and sells their 3D models on the PIXUP platform. Creators can share their innovative designs with a wide audience, leveraging PIXUP's marketplace to reach potential buyers and enthusiasts.

Designers seeking increased exposure and higher earnings should apply. Phrozen Verified models receive visibility to over 10,000 buyers, a 20% price increase, and only a 15% commission fee, allowing you to earn 5% more per sale.

Phrozen Verified offers designers a seamless 3D printing experience with expertly pre-supported models, dedicated after-sales service, and streamlined processes from upload to sale. Enjoy free listings, enhanced production efficiency, and a supportive professional community, empowering your creativity while boosting model visibility and sales potential. Visit our help center for more details.

To sell your 3D models on PIXUP:

  • Upload Your Model: Provide basic details like title, description, and tags.
  • Advanced Settings (Phrozen Verified): Customize visibility with file groups and variants.
  • Submit Your Model: Save and click 'Submit' to make it available.

For more info, check out our help center.

PIXUP's fee structure supports creators with transparency. Effective March 2024, transaction fees are 8.99% + $0.69 per transaction. Phrozen Verified creators pay a 15% commission.We update fees regularly to ensure fairness and clarity. Explore our help center for more info on the fee structure.

Phrozen Verified Service Disclaimer

  • Pre-Supported Files Replacement: If original pre-supported files are available, they will be replaced with Phrozen-Verified Pre-Supported Files. The prices of these files will increase by 20% from the original price, and customers will also receive the original STL files.
  • Model Deletion Restriction: Once you apply, you cannot delete the models for the next 180 days unless there are infringement issues. Please contact our support team for any questions or issues regarding this arrangement.
  • Printing Success Rate: Phrozen Verified models are optimized for a >95% printing success rate based on historical data. This rate is not guaranteed, and actual success may vary depending on model complexity and other factors.
  • Exposure Estimate: The 10,000+ exposures mentioned is an estimate based on average platform performance and is not guaranteed.
  • Operational Support: Operational support and maintenance services are provided as long as the model is part of the Phrozen Verified program. Maintenance updates may take up to 14 workdays, depending on current workload.
  • Program Modifications: PIXUP retains the final interpretation rights of the program details and reserves the right to terminate or modify the program without prior announcement.
  • Agreement to Terms: By participating in the program, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this disclaimer.