Sonic Mini 8K - The Most #EPIC8K Resolution 3D printer

The highest 22µm (1152 PPI) resolution, surpassing all electronic devices on the market

The first & only 3D printer to create mind-blowing details at 22 μm. Sonic Mini 8K prints extremely realistic textures, pores, and wrinkles even beyond delicately handcrafted pieces created by professional sculptors.

Create Sleek & Flawless 3D Models
Phrozen 8K LCD technology reduces layer lines up to 50%, enabling you to create sleek and flawless miniatures, jewelry, and more.

#EPIC8K Feature Highlights

The Only Compact-Sized 3D Printer with Dual Linear Rails

The dual linear rails everyone’s been asking for. With the ultra-stable dual linear rails, Sonic Mini 8K is guaranteed to create durable & high-quality 3D prints.

Linear Projection LED Module for Sharp 8K Prints

The Linear Projection LED Module effectively extends the optical path length, enhancing light uniformity by over 90% to create sharp & crisp 3D models.

Intuitive User Interface for Easy Navigation

Simply plug in the USB at the front of your Sonic Mini 8K, toggle through the 3.5” touch panel, and you’re ready to go.

Time to Say Adios to Falling Prints

The all-new frosted laser cut building plate allows your 3D models to stick firmly onto the building plate, drastically improving your 3D printing success rate.



Exclusive #EPIC8K Ready-To-Print Models

Phrozen has collaborated with some extremely talented designers to present these amazing models with high-quality details & exceptional #EPIC8K resolution. In the EPIC bundle I & II, you will receive 9 exclusive 8K ready-to-print files with the perfect print settings FOR FREE! The ready-to-print files are super convenient as you get to skip slicing and start printing immediately. It’s the best choice for both zero experience beginners and professional users.

Here's another surprise! When you purchase the Double Pack or Triple Pack, you will receive an extraordinary ready-to-print model file designed by Black Forge Games to print on your Sonic Mini 8K FOR FREE! Don’t miss out on these exclusive deals!

Don't Miss Out

With its special formula, Aqua-Gray 8K pairs best with Sonic Mini 8K to create high-quality & extremely intricate 3D models with 8K resolution.

Phrozen Cure Beam ensures your 3D models are completely cured inside out. It is especially best used when assembling your tabletop models.
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