Size Does Matter

Designs shouldn’t be limited by size. Sonic Mighty empowers those who dare to think big to create more aggressive builds; great for makers to build dragons, ogres, fortresses, and terrains. Even with its large printing volume, Sonic Mighty 4K still prints out everything in 4K quality, presenting you with all the intricate details.

Print Bigger

Comes with a 9.3” printing area and 22cm Z-axis; bringing your most ambitious builds to life.

Print More

Produces large quantities of miniatures in a single print.

Print with Precision

Higher productivity doesn’t equal less precision. Sonic Mighty 4K is still capable of printing out all the details.

Print with Speed

400% faster than traditional printing; just go to sleep and your prints will be ready in the morning.

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Prints by Sonic Mighty 4K


Resin : Aqua-Gray 4K
Layer height : 0.03 mm
Exposure time: 2.3 sec
Bottom exposure time : 45 sec
Light-off delay : 12 sec

File provided by Jaydon Hill

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