Let’s experience the magic of Phrozen Xmas Resin and share the joy of 3D printing with your loved ones.

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See the Color Changes With Heat

Phrozen Xmas Resin develops a white gradient effect when heated to 205°F/96°C with a mini heat gun, creating a permanent snowy effects on your model surfaces.

Heat It With a Mini Heat Gun*

Use a mini heat gun for better control and precision.

See the Before and After

DIY Your Unique Christmas

Make your Christmas decorations and gifts extra special with your personal touch of creativity.

Soft and Shatterproof Decors

Print out soft and shatterproof ornaments and decorations to warm up your Christmas.

*Only use a mini heat gun with a temperature of 205°F/96°C or above to heat the resin. Don't use an open fire or other heating tools like hairdryer or blowtorch to avoid injuries and accidents.

*Be careful when handling the heated resin, as temperatures may get high and cause burns.

*Get mini heat gun on Amazon and other marketplaces, or use the links : LINK 1 LINK 2

*Lead time is 1 week for orders made before 12/12. Orders made on December 12th and after will be shipped in early January.