Phrozen Dental Synergy Slicer( DS Slicer)- License Dongle

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Phrozen DS Slicer Software comes with an intuitive user interface which makes operating the device a super fast and easy process. Even those with no experience can learn to print dental models with just a few clicks.

The slicer software also automatically adapts and generates optimized supports as well as parameter settings for a variety of built-in options for dental models. This feature allows you to reduce print failures as well as save precious time.

Phrozen DS Slicer also comes with flexible parameter settings that allow you to manually adjust and customize your professional dental models to suit your needs. 

Download Phrozen Dental Synergy Slicer here.

License Dongle

Phrozen Dental Synergy Slicer comes with a USB dongle security key for the slicer. Make sure to insert it into your computer when using the slicer software. A safety certification ensures that you can utilize the USB security dongle without plugging it into your computer for 14 days. After 14 days, please insert the dongle again to continue using the slicer software.

Note: The USB dongle is provided along with Phrozen Dental Synergy Slicer and it WILL NOT be replaced if it happens to be misplaced.


This software is only applicable for 3 printers: Sonic XL 4K 2022, Sonic 4K 2022 & Sonic XL. Among these three, only Sonic XL 4K 2022 & Sonic 4K 2022 is able to use the function of run_code. (This includes the parameters of the slice and the resins), but Sonic XL can only support the slices. The parameters for Sonic XL still have to be set on the software.