Volume or Details? Get Both with the Sonic Mighty 8K

Written by Xaveria Livienna


Posted on June 23 2022

If you’ve seen our launch video for the Sonic Mighty 8K, you must have seen the three main models that we choose to represent the powerful details of the Sonic Mighty 8K. Make sure to watch the video below if you have no idea what we’re talking about.

The video shows the miniatures printing process of Ellika, our primary model for the Sonic Mighty 8K. We choose this model by Black Forge Games because we believe it can perfectly showcase the versatility and the details the Sonic Mighty 8K can produce. On the other hand, we also have The Basilisk by Lord of the Print and Astaron the Executioner by Cripta Studios

the video shows the miniatures printing process

All of these resin models are printed in only two or three batches by the Sonic Mighty 8K, while still maintaining all of its sophisticated details. On the other hand, it could take up to six prints or more if Sonic Mini 8K was used. The larger printing volume in the Sonic Mighty 8K definitely allows you to save time and print more efficiently without sacrificing any intricate details.

save time and print more efficiently without sacrificing any intricate details
If you pay closer attention to all these models, you can see all the delicate textures in each of the models. The cloth texture in Ellika’s cloth is beautifully exposed along with The Basilisk reptile skin. On the other hand, the scrolls’ spells in Astaron are printed so undoubtfully breathtaking. Each of these details is a true testament to how powerful the Sonic Mighty 8K is, boosting your productivity while maintaining even the most complex details.
This further proves how versatile resin printings are for miniatures. With the right 3D printing models, it’s so easy to take on a 3D printing projects and creates such a marvelous eye-catching resin miniatures. You can definitely show off your resing 3D printing skills with these three models!



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