A Dentist’s Guide to Choosing Resin for Dental 3D Printing

Written by Chanda Lalwani


Posted on March 09 2021

Whether printing out dental models, splints, or more precise dental parts such as removable dies, dental 3D printing can help you meet your dental needs with speed and accuracy.

Thanks to the invention of dental resin 3D printers, dental professionals can now easily produce dental molds and other parts with extreme precision and accuracy at the comfort of their own clinics and labs.

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After choosing an LCD 3D printer, you have to choose the correct resin for your dental needs.

Please refer to our resin profile chart for a general idea on how to set up resin profiles for different Phrozen resins. Feel free to make adjustments to see what works best for you. Let’s take a look at what dental resins Phrozen currently offers:

TR250 Gray Resin - For Dental Molds and Parts

With its deep gray color, TR250 Gray resin is your best choice for printing out dental models that can be displayed in the lab or dental clinics. These can then be used for a variety of purposes such as patient consultation or educating patients about their teeth.

TR250 Gray resin is also capable of printing out detailed dental parts such as crowns, bridges, and removable dies.

3D dental models printed with the TR250 Gray resin are extremely heat-resistant and durable. At the same, it also creates 3D prints with low shrinkage.

Viscosity - 706 cps
Density - 1.12
Surface Hardness (Shore D) - Shore 85 D
Elongation - 1%
Tensile Strength - 11 Mpa
I-Zod Impact - 3.05 KJ/m2

Beige Low-Irritation Resin - For Durable Prints

Beige Low-Irritation resin produces durable 3D dental models such as dental models with removable dies that can be used for demonstrative purposes. It can also be used to print out dental models for aligners which can then be used to manufacture clear aligners.

After undergoing the curing process, dental models printed with this resin are easy on the skin, allowing patients to have direct contact with the 3D models.

Beige Low Irritation resin produces dental models that are durable and easy on the skin.

Viscosity - 654 cps
Density - 1.14
Surface Hardness (Shore D) - Shore 81 D
Elongation - 2%
Tensile Strength - 10 Mpa
I-Zod Impact - 2.21 KJ/m2

Aqua-Gray 4K Resin - For Extreme Precision

If you’re looking to print out extremely precise dental parts, Phrozen Aqua-Gray 4K resin is the best choice for you as this resin is capable of printing out highly intricate 3D prints with a smooth surface.

Bridges, crowns and removable dies such as in the photo above typically require extreme precision printing in order to ensure a perfect fit for patients.

As a dental professional, if you are looking to print out textured dental models with all the tiny details, Aqua-Gray 4K will be the perfect choice for you.

Aqua-Gray 4K resin is capable of printing out dental parts with extremely high precision. A low viscosity level also makes Aqua-Gray 4K 3D dental parts ideal for rinsing and clean after the printing process has been complete. 

Viscosity - 150cps
Density - 1.1
Tg (Glass Transition Temperature) - 68.4℃
Surface Hardness (Shore D) - Shore 77 D
Elongation - 7%
Tensile Strength - 2 Mpa
I-Zod Impact - 6.78 KJ/m2

Wax-Like Castable Resin: Dental Green - Best for Dental Parts

Specialized for dental professionals, Phrozen’s Wax-Like Dental Green resin is the best choice for printing dental models that use investment casting as they require exceptionally high precision, leaving zero residue after the burnout process is complete. This can then be used to make accurate dental implants for patients.

Wax-Like Dental Green resin ensures that all your dental parts fit with precision. Rest assured as your 3D prints burn cleanly to provide the ideal casting for various types of dental parts.

With high mechanical strength, Phrozen’s Wax-like Dental Green resin produces dental prints that are extremely durable and sturdy. With low shrinkage and low water absorption rate, this resin is also great for casting and creating a large number of dental models in one print. 

Please refer to the chart above for the recommended burnout schedules.

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