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Make sure to rinse your print models with 95% sanitizing alcohol then immerse it into Phrozen's Ultrasonic Cleaner. Take out your models after every 10 seconds and immerse it in 2 to 3 cycles. 

DO NOT immerse your models for long periods of time into sanitizing alcohol as this may cause the model to break. Please refer to this video as an example.


Dry your prints in a dark room with no exposure to light for roughly 30 minutes.


Cure under sunlight for at least 6 hours or use a 405nm UV-lamp for the post-curing process. This may take anywhere from 30 min to 3 hours, depending on light intensity and the size and design of your model.

Phrozen Cure, Phrozen Cure XL, and Phrozen Cure Luna can generally complete the process within 30 mins.

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