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Phrozen OS Interface is a web interface designed specifically for LCD 3D printers such as Sonic XL 4K, Transform series, Shuffle series, etc . to adjust profile settings. It allows users to upload and adjust profile settings by connecting the computer to the printer via WiFi or Ethernet. Once the files and profile settings are uploaded, Phrozen OS Interface and the resin 3D printer will both remember the settings to allow a seamless printing experience! 


Please refer to the steps below for the printing process:

  1. Select or manually add your printer to the slicer software.
  2. Add supports, set layer height, set anti aliasing, and slice the STL file in the slicer software.
  3. Save the sliced file in the USB or on your computer. 
  4. Upload the file to your printer then start printing. For more information on how to adjust settings, please click here



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