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As the resin level drops, you will need to refill the resin vat to ensure a successful print. The following are steps for adding resin mid-print:  

1. Do not pause the printing process.

2. Remove the plastic case of your Phrozen LCD 3D printer as the build plate moves up. Make sure the UV lights are turned off. 

3. Then slowly pour resin into the vat. You may need to perform this step several times. 

4. Once the resin vat has been filled, place the plastic case back onto your 3D printer. Resume printing.

NOTE: DO NOT overfill the resin vat as this may cause spillage which could damage your device.


After each print, use the yellow plastic scraper included in your toolbox to remove any cured resin left on the build plate and the FEP film. Learn how to remove cured resin on the FEP film here

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