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1. Remove the platform and polish the platform with 80 grit sandpaper. Roughening the surface can strengthen adhesion between the model and the build plate. After polishing, use your fingertips to check the surface roughness of the build plate. 

Please refer to this link as an example.

2. Recalibrate the Z-Axis to adjust the build plate more accurately. Please refer to this tutorial video on our YouTube Channel. 

3. Increase the curing time of the bottom layer to strengthen the adhesion between the model and the build plate.

4. After printing several times, a thin layer of resin may cure on the build plate. Please use the metal scraper included in your tool box to scrape the build plate, then use 95% sanitizing alcohol to clean the plate thoroughly. 

5. Lower the lifting-speed to below 60mm/min.

6. Adjust the light-off delay time according to this auto calculator.

If you're still facing adhesion issues, please email us at, and include:

1. Photo or video of the issues you're facing.

2. Screenshot of your settings.

3. Include methods you’ve tried.

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